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Map Shows the 'How To' Question Your State Googles More Than Any Other

We all rely on Google to answer our burning questions, but there's a shocking number of very odd inquiries people apparently make online. A new map by Estately shows the how-to question your state Googles more than any other. While some of the questions seem pretty normal, others have us laughing and a little bit concerned. 

To clarify, these aren't necessarily the most Googled questions, but they are the ones most unique to each state. Estately compiled hundreds of how-to questions from the search engine and then ran them through Google trends. Their data includes searches from over the last five years.



First of all, there are some quite alarming questions. Why people are Googling 'How to get away with murder?' is really beyond us (hopefully they're just talking about the TV show). Other searches seem pretty appropriate for their region, like Floridians wondering how to get out of their state and Californians questioning how to spot a narcissist.

Texans are apparently watching way too many sci-fi films, because they're curious as to how you sell your soul. Other interesting questions Texans uniquely searched are 'How to bathe a cat?' and 'How to read minds?'

What do we learn from all of this? Hawaii is by far the coolest state, Hoosiers are more than a little confused and Nevada residents have their priorities straight.

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