Luke Bryan Inhales Helium and Sings “That’s My Kind of Night”

What do you get when you take one country superstar and add a couple of helium-filled balloons?

An impromptu, high-pitched karaoke session!

It’s always a fun time when country artists stop by the Bobby Bones Show. Add a few helium balloons, and hilarity ensues.

When Luke Bryan visited the show recently, little did he know he would end up sucking on a balloon and singing his hit, “That’s My Kind of Night.”

Bobby Bones, the host of the eponymous show just happened to have some helium-filled balloons on hand and demonstrated how it’s done. Bryan laughed as Bones tried to sing Bryan’s “Drink A Beer.”

With balloon in hand, Bryan joked, “Didn’t somebody die from this or something?”

Bryan sucked in some helium and started to sing, but he didn’t hear a big change in his voice. He looked up and said, “I think I need a bigger balloon.” Someone handed another balloon to him and he sang a few verses of his song, happily dancing in his seat.

Who needs Auto-Tune when you can have a little 2He instead?

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Luke Bryan Inhales Helium and Sings “That’s My Kind of Night”