Helicopter Hauls Christmas Trees Like Toothpicks in Mesmerizing Video

Screengrab via Vimeo

If you’ve ever seen the movie Jingle All the Way, then you’ve probably wondered what Christmas with Arnold Schwarzenegger would be like. Plenty of pumping iron, struggling to understand his accent, and maybe even a “Get to da choppa,” or two. Or just constantly looking for Turbo Man.

Or maybe you haven’t – to each their own.

But, if you have, you’re in luck, because now you can witness what Christmas with “the Governator” might be like. Helicopter pilot Shawn Adams uploaded this video of a helicopter gathering Christmas trees on a Christmas tree farm. To say the video is badass would be an understatement, because anything with a chopper just feels 10 times more hardcore.

So, if the “usual” Christmas activities of caroling and gingerbread home building make you queezy, try helicopter tree gathering. If spending time with the ones you love indoors by a fire make you sick, try helicopter tree gathering. If you’re just not one for the “usual” festivities, then perhaps hanging out on this helicopter tree farm is more your speed.

Who knows? Maybe adrenaline is the one thing that people need most to get into the Christmas spirit. Either way, at least now we all have an excuse to yell “Get to da choppa” without looking crazy.

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Helicopter Hauls Christmas Trees Like Toothpicks in Mesmerizing Video