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Heinz Just Created “Kranch,” a Ranch and Ketchup Mash-Up

We've seen peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. One time Chips Ahoy! stuffed their chocolate chip cookies with brownies. But nothing can compare to the weird and wacky combination of ranch dressing and ketchup named, "Kranch". This saucy sauce is one of the latest condiment mashups from the Kraft Heinz brand. Just last year they released Mayochup which proved to be a smash and earlier in March the brand unveiled Mayomust and Mayocue for consumers to squirt on their burgers and french fries. 

The ketchup makers share that Kranch sauce is a blend of ranch dressing and ketchup with a special blend of spices. It's a fun dipping sauce that was truly inspired by social media.


According to a representative for Heinz, the company asked fans what they thought the next sauce combination might be. Thousands of tweets came flooding in and the brand was inspired by the number of people that guessed ranch and ketchup. So they created it. To celebrate the launch the brand announced that it would be giving away 100 bottles of the Kranch with the hashtag #KlaimMyKranch.

And while there are hundreds of excited followers, there are a number of users that questioned the mash-up.

Most tweets making the rounds are based on the naming of the sauce.

While others shared that the name could have been worse.

Whatever way you see it, it's clear that combo sauces are the newest craze to hit the market. So say goodbye to swirling your ketchup and ranch with the edge of your ketchup packet (or finger) and grab yourself a bottle of Kranch.

Count your blessings, at least it isn't something as crazy as a combination of Cadbury eggs and mayonnaise...oh wait.

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