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Song Premiere: Heidi Newfield Reminds Us All to Slow Down on 'Wait For It'

Heidi Newfield offers an important reminder to slow down and take a breather from the chaos on "Wait For It." The acclaimed singer-songwriter (and former lead singer of Trick Pony) will release her forthcoming album The Barfly Sessions on August 28.

Newfield says the song, which she wrote with Leslie Satcher and Jim "Moose" Brown, is about finding peace and trusting in God — something that has an even deeper meaning right now.

"I was writing with Leslie and Moose one day on Music Row late 2019, before any pandemic had hit us all. I had this hook in mind about how you see people's videos or hear their jokes and they say 'wait for it' (cause the best part is yet to come.) I wanted to use that play on words about life. How we are all noisy and busy and life is moving so fast. It's all about keeping up with the Jones'...and the chaos in our heads," Newfield tells Wide Open Country. "This song was a message to the listener that God has a plan, and if we'll just slow down, listen, and wait for it...the blessings in store for each of us will be unveiled. It has even more meaning now, than it did when we wrote it. This song gives us hope that good things are on the horizon but, all the while, to live in the now."

Listen to "Wait for It" below.

Heidi Newfield (official) · Heidi Newfield - The Barfly Sessions - 05 - Wait For It

Newfield is set to perform in Panama City on June 21. For more on Heidi Newfield, visit her official website.

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