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H-E-B's Quest For Texas Best Contest Seeks State Treasures

Texas grocery store H-E-B prides itself on featuring the best of Texas in its stores. Once again, the chain is seeking Texas treasures to add to H-E-B shelves through the H-E-B Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best contest.

The contest opened on February 4 and will run through March 18. H-E-B will select four businesses to receive the title of Texas Best and cash prizes up to $25,000!

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This is the fifth year that H-E-B has sought uniquely Texan products through a statewide contest. The effort is part of the Texas company to show pride in its home state and to find local specialties to add to its inventory.

The contest is an example of the company's home-town roots and commitment to excellence. H-E-B knows how important small businesses are to the economy; their first store opened in 1905 as a small, local grocery store in Kerrville, Texas, started with a $60 investment from owner Florence Butt. The company believes in supporting local producers doing work.

H-E-B is also known for being an active part of the community from relief efforts after hurricanes and other disasters to their support for local non-profit organizations and providing books for kids in need.

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The contest is also smart business: Products that have already shown customer appeal through a successful local small business or presence at a farmers market are more likely to have a good market potential.

Whether you're a Texan by birth or by choice, you know the best in food and beverage across the Lone Star State, so encourage your favorite farmers market vendor or hometown small business to sign up. The winning products will be sold at H-E-B stores across the state, and you can say you knew them when.

The 2017 Winners

For inspiration, here are the winners from the 2017 contest whose products will be featured in H-E-B stores this year.

Skull and Cakebones

Skull and Cakebones from Austin was the grand prize winner, catching the $25,000  prize for their Mocha Marmalade Chocolate. They recommend using this sauce in dessert with a flavor the size of Texas: Mocha Marmalade Chocolate layered with Cuvee Coffee frosting and topped with Cuvee infused chocolate pudding.

The Texas Pecan Shop

The Texas Pecan Cake Shop, located in Bertram, Texas, was named a first place winner, with a prize of $20,000 for Lorraine's Original Mini Texas Pecan Cakes. The cakes are baked in the shape of the state of Texas and made entirely of Texas ingredients from local growers.

WarPig BBQ

WarPig BBQ was another first place $20,000 winner for their F.U.B.A.R. (For Use on Butts and Ribs) BBQ sauce. This sweet, tangy sauce was crafted by U.S. Army vets on a Houston-based BBQ competition team (and might just be the best-named BBQ sauce out there).

Tamale Addiction

Tamale Addiction won second place and a $15,000 prize for their Poblano & Muenster Cheese Organic Masa Tamales. They started off selling at Austin-area farmers markets, but when customers begged for an at-home option, they created a two-pack of tamales filled with strips of roasted poblano pepper, fresh red salsa, and melted muenster cheese. Now Texas shoppers will be able to pick up these delicious organic tamales from H-E-B.

La Familia Cortez Restaurants

La Familia Cortez Restaurants won third place and $10,000 for their Mi Tierra Salsa Verde. This salsa made from oven roasted tomatillos and a blend of spices is part of the legacy of Pedro Cortez, who opened his first restaurant in San Antonio in 1941.

How many of these products have you seen at your local H-E-B?

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