An Unlikely Spot for Success, HEB Grocery Store Has the Best Baked Goods in Texas

It's a known fact that HEB is the greatest grocery store of all time. The HEB bakery is no exception. The bakery sells breads, pastries, muffins, cupcakes, bakery cakes, and more. HEB tortillas, while technically not in the bakery section, are freshly made in some Texas locations. The tortillas come out hot, fresh, and delicious. It's no surprise that their baked items are addictive and delicious as well.

According to the website My San Antonio, shoppers dished on their favorite web bakery items. As a local Austinite and frequent HEB shopper, I have sampled quite a few of their baked goods. Keep reading for a list of the 10 best HEB bakery items.

1. HEB Two-Bite Brownies

Fans rave about these tiny chocolate morsels. Even though they are bite size, people have trouble not eating the entire box.

2. HEB Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Seeing as how I ordered this for my daughter's first birthday cake, I may be biased. But according to reviews, this tops out as one of the best items. It's moist and sweet without being overly sweet.

3. HEB Glazed Donut Holes

There's nothing better than a simple glazed donut, and HEB does theirs perfectly. They also make powdered sugar donut holes.

4. HEB Blueberry Muffins

These HEB bakery muffins are made with Greek yogurt and real blueberries. That's not something you see often in other stores.

5. HEB Carrot Cake

They sell their carrot cake with cream cheese icing by the slice, as a cake, and as cupcakes. They even have a gluten free version available.

6. HEB Bakery Tortillas

In many locations, they have a separate tortilla making section, adjacent to the bakery. You can get flour, southwestern, and butter.

7. HEB Bakery Bagels

Customers rave about their jalapeño cheddar bagels. They also make multigrain, plain, cinnamon raisin, and more.

8. HEB Sourdough Bread Scratch Made

This bread is made fresh in store. The sourdough has a crunchy crust and chewy inside and is the perfect sandwich bread.

9. HEB Sandwich Bread

The bakery makes and sells country white bread and 10 grain bread in half loaves, perfect for meals or sandwiches on the go.

10. HEB Red Velvet Sensational Bar Cake

The name says it all, as this cake is sensational. It's also sold by the slice and as a full sheet cake.

Aside from having great baked goods, HEB offers curbside pickup for most of its stores. If you live in a major city like Austin, Houston, or Dallas, you can certainly pick up from a store near you.

Pro tip: Always looks for the Hill Country brand of the HE B select ingredients brand. These are both made exclusively for HEB and use good quality ingredients.