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Hear Brad Paisley's Plucky Ode to Small Town Life, 'Heaven South'

Brad Paisley just released another tune from his upcoming record Love And War. This time, he shares album opener "Heaven South," a plucky ode to small town living.

Anchored by ganjo, mandolin and Paisley's classic Fender Telecaster twang, "Heaven South" finds yet another way to honor the tiny towns of the U.S. Paisley pays homage to the standard artifacts, too. The classic concepts of cutoff shorts and beer-battered chicken intermingle with booming subwoofers and pay-per-view UFC fights.

Oh, and popping off fireworks. Which doesn't necessarily mean it's a holiday, since anybody from a smaller area knows fireworks are fun 24/7, 365.

From the big singalong chorus (which is mostly "woah's") to the scorching solo, the song is unmistakably Paisley. And while the tune doesn't necessarily venture into uncharted waters, Paisley does a great job of painting a vivid image of life in a small but flourishing town. Listen via Spotify below.

The official track listing for Love And War also features a reprise of "Heaven South," which closes out the album.

Paisley co-wrote the song alongside Brent Anderson and Chris DuBois. Those three usually have pretty good luck writing together. DuBois and Paisley in particular often strike gold, creating hit tunes such as "Beat This Summer," "Old Alabama," "Mud On The Tires" and "We Danced," among others.

Preaching love for Southern simple living isn't new to the pair. Interestingly enough, DuBois also co-wrote "Southern Comfort Zone," one of Paisley's other odes to the South.

Love And War drops April 21. Amazingly, the record makes his twelfth studio album since 1999. Features and guest performances abound on the album, including performances by Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Timbaland and Bill Anderson.

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However, Paisley's song "Without A Fight" featuring Demi Lovato didn't actually make the album. Paisley's label originally billed that song as the first single from the new LP. As with most of his records, Paisley co-wrote all the songs.

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