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Zac Brown Band Praise the 'Real Thing' in New Song

Zac Brown Band just released the second song off their new record Welcome Home, and it's sure to please diehard fans. Called "Real Thing," the song is classic ZBB.

From the piano intro to the well-crafted verses, "Real Thing" is, well, the real thing. It's one of those songs that we can all appreciate, thanks largely to the universal chorus.

Essentially, Brown opens up by singing about whiskey. Or at least the memories of knowledge shared over a glass. "You can't go back once you get a taste," he sings. "Everything is second rate." The chorus wraps up with those classic Zac Brown Band harmonies declaring "there ain't nothing like the real thing."

But by the second verse, Brown transitions the song to speak of the love of a woman. The beauty in the chorus is that he doesn't have to do much to change the meaning. One minute he's singing the praises of American whiskey, the next he's singing the praises of American women.

And spoiler alert: he then turns the phrase to talk about a good song. Nothing like a little lyrical introspection looking at songs.

When it comes to singing with heart, few mainstream country acts do it quite like Brown. Musicianship abounds, and every single member can hold their own when it comes to singing.

When they whole package comes together, nobody quite pulls it off like Brown and company. Heck, even when they're trying their hand at different genres they sound great. But fans should really appreciate everything they've offered off Welcome Home so far.

The first single they released from the album, "My Old Man," is currently at No. 21 on the country charts. The beautiful tribute to fatherhood signaled they really meant it when they said this new album returns to their roots.

Welcome Home comes out May 12.

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