Hear Willie Nelson Sing Gershwin’s ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’

Willie Nelson has always been somewhat of a maverick in the country music world. He turned heads in 1973 with Shotgun Willie. And he shot to fame in 1975 when he released Red Headed Stranger.

Now he’s about to add Gershwin classics to his catalog.

Nelson received the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song in November. He’s the first country star to win the award. He’s also following up that honor with the new album, Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin.

We got the first taste of this unlikely, yet oh-so-intriguing, musical pairing with “Summertime”, which Nelson released last month. Now, we have the premiere of “Someone to Watch Over Me”.

The gentle jazz piano, drums and guitar suit Nelson’s classic vocals. This killer cover is accompanied by a black and white video of Nelson recording the song.

“When I was just a small guy, I remember hearing all these great Gershwin songs and they’ll be around forever because great music like that just does not go away,” Nelson said in a preview of the album.

His career never slows down. But you can sit back and enjoy a quiet moment on this sweet, gentle track with all the usual heartache of Gershwin. The whole album is due out on Feb. 26.

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Hear Willie Nelson Sing Gershwin’s ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’