Hear Waylon Jennings Sing ‘Outlaw Bit’ in Rare 1979 Recording

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Waylon Jennings delivers that classic Outlaw sound that brings back another era of country. When men grew up to be cowboys, storms never lasted and you could be crazy without going insane.

His live performances satisfy on an even deeper level; however, there are only so many videos on YouTube to fill the Jennings void.

So when we heard there was a newly unearthed track from Jennings’ 1979 tour, we were all ears.

Shooter Jennings, the son of the Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, released a brand new live album entitled Waylon Jennings Live in Concert: Volume 2. It dropped on Black Friday as a 12” vinyl and includes Jennings’ entire ’79 Omaha show, when the outlaw country singer was in his prime.

Shooter posted “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out of Hand” on Soundcloud via his label Black Country Rock. The song features Waylon’s rich vocals, tight guitar riffs and a bass line that will get you moving no matter your mood.

“It’s from Omaha in ’79 and I just feel like he had an energy and attitude that was so badass,” Shooter Jennings told Rolling Stone Country. “It also is probably the best showcase of his guitar playing on a live record to date. . . This was the peak of the Outlaw Movement and the peak of his popularity and it really shows it.”

While Jessi Colter, Willie Nelson and Tompall Glaser were all part of the Outlaw crowd, it’s hard to deny that Waylon Jennings holds a special spot in the lineup. Especially once you hear this gritty, boot-stomping rendition of “Outlaw Bit”.

If you just can’t enough of the Jennings crowd, it looks like Shooter has a new album, Countach (For Giorgio), coming out in March.

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Hear Waylon Jennings Sing ‘Outlaw Bit’ in Rare 1979 Recording