Hear Trace Adkins' Rowdy New Single, 'Lit'

Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins brings attitude and grittiness to his party ready new single, "Lit."

Adkins is one of those country artists who has encountered some bumps while trying to stay hip with the times. After topping the charts in the 1990s with emotional and well-crafted songs like "Every Light in the House is On," Adkins has struggled to find his place in the ever-changing genre. Remember "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk?" Yeah, I wish I didn't either.

After some personal and musical Adkins seems to have struck a balance between bro-country and traditionalism with his latest project. "Lit" features a similar production and overall sound to songs like "Ladies Love Country Boys," meaning it will likely win over Adkins' longtime fan base.

Much different than the darker and reflective "Jesus and Jones," this new track is all about getting loud and having a good time. Adkins says that he wants to find a more stable mixture of party songs and ballads on his next project.

"I try to make my albums as balanced as I can make them, and take people on an emotional ride, as trite as that sounds," Adkins told You want to take them deep, and you want to make them cry, and you want to make them laugh. 'Lit' is one of those songs that provides that levity on the record."

Sure, this latest single is far from the best that Adkins has ever supplied, but its also far from the worst. "Lit" will be featured on Adkins' still-untitled new album, which is set for release on Wheelhouse Records later this year.

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Hear Trace Adkins' Rowdy New Single, 'Lit'