Trace Adkins Reflects on Backsliding in ‘Jesus and Jones’


Trace Adkins takes a hard look at his own demons in his latest single, “Jesus and Jones”.

In 2014, the 53-year-old country singer checked into rehab for alcoholism after he got into a brawl with a Trace Adkins impersonator on a cruise ship. It was a humbling moment for the artist who struggled with alcohol addiction throughout his life.

Adkins is far from the first country singer to find himself battling with the bottle. Much like George Jones, Adkins has repeatedly found himself in some less than desirable situations because of his past addiction. That difficult subject matter is the core of his latest release, “Jesus and Jones”.

Co-written by Tyler Farr, the track features a guitar-driven rock sound that truly cranks up the intensity. “I go from dry to drowned, lost to found, stone cold sober to just plain stoned,” Adkins explains in the song’s powerful chorus. “Trying to live like my heroes did is the hardest kind of livin’ there is, been a tug o’ war since I was a kid between Jesus and Jones.

The new single gives fans a first taste of his upcoming album released through Wheelhouse Records. Adkins performed “Jesus and Jones” at his appearance at the Grand Ole Opry last month to cheering crowds. Although it’s unclear if this single will be marketable enough to top the charts, it will likely stand as one of the most important releases of his career.

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Trace Adkins Reflects on Backsliding in ‘Jesus and Jones’