Shania Twain Faces Infidelity in Emotional New Song 'Poor Me'

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Shania Twain is giving fans another taste of what's to come with her new track "Poor Me."

The tune, which may be the most all-around pop cut she's ever recorded, is all about surviving infidelity. It's a topic that Twain dealt with herself and led to her divorce in 2010. Instead of focusing on all of the pain, Shania manages to tackle the sensitive subject in the most Shania way possible. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, she just keeps on moving forward.

"Poor Me" follows up Twain's uplifting lead single "Life's About To Get Good." She's also performed another anthemic cut, "Swinging With My Eyes Closed," during an early-morning visit to Today back in June.

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Now, Twain's fifth career studio album, will be released on Sept. 29. And although Twain officially retired from touring years ago, she might not be done just yet. Rumor has it that Shania may pull a Garth Brooks and head back out for a few select dates later this year. She's already played a handful of live appearances and festival dates, so we'll all have to keep our fingers crossed until we hear more.

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Shania Twain Faces Infidelity in Emotional New Song 'Poor Me'