Hear a Rarely-Heard Track from an Undiscovered Jason Aldean

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Long before he hit it big as a solo artist, Jason Aldean and his band the Young Guns were trying to break into the country scene with a much more traditional sound.

It’s hard to recognize Aldean’s voice in this 1990s country ballad named “Cowboy Lady”, which was featured on his self-released album with the Young Guns. Yes, that really is a fresh-faced Aldean in the CD’s cover art, sporting long hair and a chunky knit sweater.

In his early twenties, the Georgia-native was obviously still trying to figure out who he was as an artist. Instead of heading to college, Aldean opted to try his luck at becoming a country star. He knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he assembled a group of friends and fellow musicians who also wanted to try and hone their crafts.

“We went around and we played a bunch of clubs for free the first time just to prove to them that we could, and that was kind of how it started,” Aldean told Georgia Music of his first band. “We just played as much as possible.”

Aldean earned experience and exposure while working with the Young Guns that helped him earn a solo recording contract at the age of 21. Although “Cowboy Lady” has a much different sound than his most recent releases, it shows that Aldean’s talents as a vocalist were apparent from a very early age.

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Hear a Rarely-Heard Track from an Undiscovered Jason Aldean