Hear a Rare Live Recording of Johnny Cash's 'Man in Black'


Johnny Cash fans will soon be able to add another album of live music from their favorite artist to their music collection.

Man in Black: Live in Demark 1971 features rarely before heard live recordings, which were originally taped for a Danish television show. The concert was taped at a time of political unrest, between the ongoing Vietnam war and unrest over racial equality. The album's title track, "Man in Black," unapologetically addressed those issues.

"It's about a lot of people that I've met throughout the country, throughout the world. People that mean a lot to me," Cash says before beginning his now-legendary song. The foreign audience responded politely with a small round of applause, a much different reaction than those given by cheering crowds in his home country.

The album gives an interesting insight to the political and social climate of the time, and serves as a reminder of how edgy and fearless of an artist Cash was. For true Johnny Cash fans, the album serves as an essential addition to the late artist's impressive back catalog.

Man in Black: Live in Demark 1971 will be released on CD and online Dec. 4. A special red and white press vinyl set will also be available for purchase on Record Store Day, Nov. 27.

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Hear a Rare Live Recording of Johnny Cash's 'Man in Black'