Hear Randy Houser's Poppy 'Song Number 7'

Stoney Creek Records recording artist Randy Houser just achieved his fourth No. 1 hit with "We Went." The quick-tongued tune about running from the law was the first release off Houser's much-anticipated Fired Up album that dropped on March 11. Now, fresh on the heels of receiving another No. 1 honor, Houser is pushing out his sophomore single from the record, "Song Number 7" (Houser, Justin Wilson, Chris Janson, and Ben Hayslip).

The appropriately placed seventh track on Fired Up is a song that Houser referred to as "poppy" in a recent interview with Taking the mystery out of the mid-tempo track that gets deeper into an album as a couple falls deeper in love, Houser explained that the lyrics to the song are quite literal. "It just talks about listening to a record with a girl, and when you get to song No. 7's when things heat up usually. So it's fairly simple, and guess what number it is on the album. Number seven."

Placing his booming and broad vocals on the track that could fall on either side of a sexy spectrum (love or lust), Houser works his musical magic, falling square in the middle and making the increasingly steamy song err more on the side of romantic.

Houser told The Tennesseean he feels positive about the fate of his new single. "I think 'Song Number 7' is going to be a big song for Chris and for me and Justin and Ben, three of the best songwriters I know. It's one of those songs that, you hear it, and you can't help but sing along with it almost immediately. That's the kind of songs I wanted for this album and I wanted to play live. I want people out there singing and having fun."

Watch the lyric video for Randy Houser's "Song Number 7" below.

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Hear Randy Houser's Poppy 'Song Number 7'