Hear RaeLynn's Feisty Title Track from Upcoming Album 'WildHorse'

Little by little, RaeLynn is showing fans exactly who she is. With the release of her upcoming album with Warner Music on the horizon, the world will soon understand why the 22-year-old apologizes for none of it.

The title track of the album is a spunky one. "WildHorse" is a song of independence for women everywhere. The lyrics are bold and sassy, and embrace wanderlust and freedom while going after what you want in life.

"I don't want no fences around me," she sings. "Nobody boxing me in/ Can't saddle me up/ 'Cause I'm the kind of/ Girl that needs the wind."

Raelynn says she hopes to give fans a true and vulnerable look into who she is with her new album.

"I've always had a different way of looking at life and embracing my carefree spirit," she says. "Sure, I can be a handful with my Texas sass mixed with sparkly glitter, but you know, I am who I am. I hope that when you hear this song, it gives you the confidence to be yourself and be the wild horse you were meant to be."

WildHorse will hit stores on Dec. 2. Fans who pre-order the album will receive both the title track and "Love Triangle" immediately to hold them over until release day.

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Hear RaeLynn's Feisty Title Track from Upcoming Album 'WildHorse'