Hear Miranda Lambert's Latin-Infused 'Two of a Crime'

Miranda Lambert finds a Latin influence on her addition to the Hot Pursuit soundtrack.

Miranda Lambert has released a brand new song for the Hot Pursuit soundtrack. The song is driven by a pounding drum beat that expands into a funky Latin groove with clever lyrical imagery that Lambert has perfected over the years. Lambert's introduction of "Red rose on painted lips, putting on Chanel, packing Parliaments," is the perfect way to lead into the song and film's tale of two bad girls on the run.

The choice to add Spanish-influenced guitar-picking and horns is a fitting reference to the movie's Colombian co-star Sophia Vergara and adds an extra bit of spice to the song. The choice to have Lambert's vocals drop out midway through the song is a surprising move that impressively draws in the listener with a melodic buildup. Overall, the track is a light, fun and fitting addition to the Hot Pursuit soundtrack that still feels like an authentic page from Miranda Lambert's songbook.

You can see Hot Pursuit when it drives into theaters on May 8.

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Hear Miranda Lambert's Latin-Infused 'Two of a Crime'