Hear Martina McBride’s Reflective New Song, ‘Reckless’

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Martina McBride returns to the country music airwaves with her powerful new track, “Reckless.”

Penned by Zach Crowell, Heather Morgan and Sarah Buxton, the song is a soaring ballad directed at the person who helps scoop you up from the edge of darkness. The message is one that could easily be referenced as a worship song, a quality that has been found in many of McBride’s recent cuts.

“It’s such a special song to me,” McBride shared through a post on her Facebook page. “My hope is that you hear it and think of someone who has taken a chance on you and reached out to love you through a hard or dark time. Someone who pulled you from the edge as the song says. Sometimes life finds us in a vulnerable place. Thank God for the ones who love us recklessly and unconditionally.”

“Reckless” is clearly one of the most inspiration-leaning tracks she’s ever released. Like many of its contemporaries, the song sometimes becomes a little too much of everything. The polished production, McBride’s constantly pushed vocals and sentimental lyrics combine to form something all too predictable. Still, longtime fans of the country star will likely be swept away in her impressive performance and ability to connect with the listener, no matter how fluffy the message may be.

Click below to hear Martina McBride’s anthemic new single, “Reckless.”

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Hear Martina McBride’s Reflective New Song, ‘Reckless’