Hear Little Big Town's Reflective New Single, 'Better Man'

Little Big Town

Little Big Town is giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming eighth studio album. Earlier this morning (Oct. 20), the group dropped their brand new lead single from the record, "Better Man."

After LBT released their cross-genre experiment Wanderlust earlier this year, many longtime fans have been craving something a little more country. "Better Man" is still plenty pop, but leans much closer to "Girl Crush" in terms of sound. Lyrically, the heartfelt tune speaks of the glimmering hope of what could of been after realizing a relationship isn't going to work.

"Everybody can identify with the sentiment of this song," Little Big Town told Q102. "A lot of times in life, there are things that you have to walk away from that don't necessarily feel like the greatest decision to have to make in your life, but sometimes you just know that it's time to move on, and no matter how hard that is, you just know down in your heart that it's time to do that. And those are very difficult decisions that we face sometimes in our lives, and I think this song talks about that beautifully."

The best elements of the track come from Jay Joyce's impressive production, as well as the band's flawless harmonies. The track circles back to their mix of stellar vocals and the edgy sound that have made them superstars. You can expect the band's next record to drop sometime in the next few months. With this encouraging first taste, it may be a contender for one of next year's biggest releases.

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Hear Little Big Town's Reflective New Single, 'Better Man'