Hear Kip Moore’s Unapologetic New Song, ‘My Kind’

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Kip Moore will release his brand new Underground EP on Oct. 28, and he’s teasing it to fans with a new track, “My Kind.”

Moore continuously delivers quality music while never altering from the roots he’s proud to come from. In his new track, the Georgia native doesn’t waste any time showing off his rebellious side. From the first bridge, he proudly defines who he is and those he runs with.

“My kind’s rough, a little rough around the edges, we all clock out around 5,” he sings.My kind likes to have a cold beverage, we prefer it in a honky tonk dive, yeah.”

Moore’s unique sound is eminent throughout the track, but overlays a bit of a different beat than we’re used to. The rhythm is catchy and his defiant, signature ways are lively on the 80s inspired tune.


“My Kind” is one of five songs that fans will hear on the Underground EP. The release will help hold fans over in the interim of Moore’s next album.

“I write so many [songs] that some never see the light of day,” Moore says. “I’ve been working on a full record, which looks to be coming out in late spring, but everywhere we go the fans keep asking for the recordings of these underground songs that they’ve been hearing for the last few years.  They’re a passionate fan base so I decided to ask my label if I could record these songs live and give them the raw recordings.”

Moore is currently on the road with Jon Pardi for their Me and My Kind Tour through December.

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Hear Kip Moore’s Unapologetic New Song, ‘My Kind’