Hear Kacey Musgraves Call Out a Panty Thief in 'Five Finger Discount'

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If you ever have the nerve to steal something from Kacey Musgraves, be prepared to have a song written about you.

The singer is already planning a country song about having her designer boots stolen out of her car last month, and it seems as though it wasn't the first time she's been the victim of a robbery.

During her Country & Western Rhinestone Revue's stop at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas, Tex. on Jan. 21, Musgraves told the audience about another theft that inspired her to write a song.

"When I first moved to Nashville, [this girl] stole a bunch of shit from me and was dumb enough to post all these pictures of herself in my clothes on Facebook," Musgraves explained to the crowd. "Anyway, I caught her. Nothing really happened with it: They issued a warrant, but then they never found her... but I did write a song about it."

With a few strums on her acoustic guitar, the Texas-native kicks off with the biting line, "I know you stole my panties 'cause I have the matching bra." She goes on to slam the woman who did her wrong, poking at her obvious lack of regard for other peoples' property. "You want a five-finger discount but nothin' in life is free, you better hope that karma ain't a bigger bitch than me."

So will this sassy unreleased track soon make its way onto a future studio release? We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. Until then, fans will just have to attend the 2016 leg of Musgraves' Country & Western Rhinestone Revue to hear a live snippet of this hilarious song.

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Hear Kacey Musgraves Call Out a Panty Thief in 'Five Finger Discount'