Hear John Anderson’s Colorful New Single, ‘Magic Mama’

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Classic country artist John Anderson is making a comeback with his upbeat and imagery filled track, “Magic Mama.”

The fun and funky track was penned by friend and country legend Merle Haggard, who told Anderson that he had crafted a song especially for him.

“A couple of years ago, I got a call from Merle saying that he had written a song with me in mind. I saw him about six months later and asked if he finished it,” Anderson said in a press release. “He pulled out a little piece of paper from his back pocket that had the lyrics on it, and he got a guitar and played it for me. That’s probably one of the greatest moments of my career, sitting there listening to Merle play that song that he had written for me.”

The track tells of a charismatic and mysterious woman in Miami who steals Anderson’s heart, then holds him at gunpoint. “She took me home on our first date, I said, ‘I’m a slow man,’ she said, ‘I’m willing to wait,’” Anderson recalls in the song. “But she got in a hurry when I started to leave, pulled a little .38 right out of her sleeve.”

The track is featured on Anderson’s 2015 album Goldmine, which was his first release in nine years. It has been celebrated by both fans and critics as one of the best records of his career, thanks to his still-impressive vocal skills and bold, unconventional tracks like this one.

Click below to hear John Anderson’s brand new single, “Magic Mama.”


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Hear John Anderson’s Colorful New Single, ‘Magic Mama’