Hear Jason Isbell's Ode to Blue Collar Life, 'Something More Than Free'


Jason Isbell has released the stirring title track from his upcoming album, Something More Than Free.

"It's a country song," Isbell told Rolling Stone Country about his new release, "not in the way that country songs sound like modern rock songs or hip-hop right now, but it's got a country sounding melody, and the images are about work and family."

The song is focused around the intense lyrical imagery that Isbell recites, telling the story of a man who spends his life chained to endless, back-breaking work that he cherishes. "My back is numb and my hands are freezing, but what I'm working for is something more than free," Isbell proclaims in the poignant and emotional track.

"People spend so much time talking about freedom, and on one hand, that's an illusion," Isbell said. "A lot of the focus of this record is about that. It's about what you trade in to be happy. And I don't feel like it's complacency; it's just adulthood."

Jason Isbell's new album, Something More Than Free, will be released on July 17. He currently has a long set of tour dates scheduled through the middle of 2016, including three sold-out shows at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn. A full list of dates has been posted at his official website.

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Hear Jason Isbell's Ode to Blue Collar Life, 'Something More Than Free'