Hear Hayes Carll Cover Texas Troubadour Adam Carroll's 'Girl with the Dirty Hair'

Jacob Blickenstaff

All too often, tribute albums are reserved for the deceased or the mega-famous. Thankfully, Adam Carroll is still alive and well. And while he's not a household name, Highway Prayer: A Tribute to Adam Carroll is proof that he should be.

Highway Prayer, released on Oct. 28 on Eight 30 Records, features a crew of incredible artists performing the songs of Carroll, an East Texas native who's been compared to Townes Van Zandt and John Prine.

Hayes Carll counts the Texas troubadour among his biggest influences as a songwriter.

"When I was first starting out I used to skip my own gigs to go watch him," Carll told No Depression in 2011. "In Texas in the late 90's, early 2000's, he was by far my favorite, somebody whose writing style I emulated in some ways.

Carll takes on Carroll's "Girl With the Dirty Hair" for the tribute record and the result is nothing short of magical. His gritty voice is the perfect match for Carroll's ode to love and debauchery on the Gulf Coast.

Listen to the track below:

Jamie Lin Wilson's spin on the funky-sweet "Hi Fi Love" is another standout track. Who could resist lyrics like "Freebird rockin', white trash hi fi love"?

The album is a who's who of Texas singer-songwriters, including James McMurtry, Terri Hendrix, Slaid Cleaves and Walt Wilkins. Highway Prayer feels like a drive through Texas, with stories from BBQ joints, Galveston dive bars and East Texas backwoods all rolled into one wild and wonderful trip.

For upcoming Adam Carroll tour dates, click here.

Meet the World's Strongest Redneck:

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Hear Hayes Carll Cover Texas Troubadour Adam Carroll's 'Girl with the Dirty Hair'