Hear Eric Church’s Anthem for the Heartbroken, ‘Record Year’


Eric Church is known for being able to poetically vocalize even the most difficult feelings through his lyrics. His latest single, “Record Year”, is a blunt and honest look at devastating heartbreak and its aftermath.

Following a difficult breakup, Church sings of his dive into old school vinyl and strong liquor to help him deal with the pain. “I usually make it through Side A sober, all bets are off when I flip her over,” he croons sadly. “One bourbon, one scotch, one beer – I’m havin’ a record year.”

Although the track is largely a whiskey-soaked tale of lost love, there’s a certain air of hope that follows each line. Sure, life seems hard to bear for the moment, but it’s nothing a little bit of James Brown and Willie Nelson can’t fix.

“Record Year” is featured on Mr. Misunderstood, Church’s fifth career studio album, which he unexpectedly released just hours after the 2015 CMA Awards. The singer paid tribute to his devoted fans by delivering free copies of the album to members of his fan club, the Church Choir, ahead of its general release.

Click below to hear Eric Church’s new single, “Record Year”.

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Hear Eric Church’s Anthem for the Heartbroken, ‘Record Year’