See Dustin Lynch Perform Sultry New Song, 'Love Me Or Leave Me Alone'

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There was nothing but an electric guitar backing up Dustin Lynch when he debuted "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" at WPOC's Weekend in the Country. The brand new track features much slower tempo than his latest single, "Seein' Red."

The change in pace as a nice touch to this emotional ballad about a complicated relationship. His vocals remain soft and controlled until he hits the first words of the chorus. That's when they turn powerful as he pleads for closure.

"Love me or leave me alone," he pleads. "Hold me or just let me go."

Lynch's voice resonates a sultry and sensual sound throughout the remainder of the song. Watch his entire performance below.

Lynch has yet to finish his upcoming third studio album. He hasn't had much time in the studio with his heavy tour schedule over the past year. During his recent "Mind Reader" No. 1 party, he admitted that he's taking his time with it and putting it together piece by piece. There is one thing he can guarantee about the album though.

"If I had to put one word on it [the album] right now, it'd be sexy," he says. "It's a very sexual album so far."

You can catch Dustin Lynch out on tour with Chris Young through the remainder of 2016.

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See Dustin Lynch Perform Sultry New Song, 'Love Me Or Leave Me Alone'