Hear Dierks Bentley's New Duet with Elle King, 'Different for Girls'

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2016 has been a year full of country and pop duets, from Keith Urban's track with Pitbull to Brad Paisley's duet with Demi Lovato. Instead of moving into a different genre musically, Dierks Bentley recruited talented songstress Elle King to add new flair to a song that stays true to his sound.

Bentley's newest single, "Different for Girls," follows the theming of his relationship-centric new album Black by focusing on the difference between sexes when it comes to dealing with heartache.

Instead of going for a full-on pop production, Bentley wisely sticks to the alt-inspired but country-rooted sound that he's become known for in recent years. The shared dialogue between him and King, who has become one of the most talked-about rising artists in pop this year, brings a sense of authenticity and emotion to the track.

Much like his other songs on Black, Bentley takes on the real life parts of love and relationships that many musicians like to gloss over. Sometimes, getting over a lost love means half-heartedly hooking up with someone new, or shedding a few tears at your local bar. It may not be pretty, but it's real, and something that he manages to address without any fear or sense of censorship. Out of the slew of recent cross-genre duets, "Different for Girls" stands as one of the most genuine and well-executed so far.

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Hear Dierks Bentley's New Duet with Elle King, 'Different for Girls'