Hear Craig Morgan’s Powerful New Single, ‘When I’m Gone’


Craig Morgan‘s newest release is an upbeat take on a less than cheerful subject. “When I’m Gone” is a reflective track that stays upbeat instead of somber. It’s a musical celebration of life and all the things that Morgan’s accomplished so far.

Even if you aren’t a country star, it’s easy to relate to his thoughts, worries and hopes as he looks back on his past. The song features a more-polished sound than his last album, which focused on Morgan’s strong vocals alongside sparse acoustic accompaniment. Co-written by Morgan and Steven Dale Jones, the song stays true to the 51-year-old’s mainstream version of traditional country.

“Tell them I stared down all my fears, that I danced on the wire,” Morgan sings. “I walked through the fire, that I lived every moment ’till that moment retired. So my life goes on, goes on, when I’m gone.” Morgan keeps things positive and uplifting throughout the catchy and family-friendly tune which caters directly to his longstanding fanbase.

“When I’m Gone” will be featured on Morgan’s upcoming seventh studio album, This Ole Boy, which will be his first full-length release in over three years. You can find out more information about his new music and upcoming tour dates at his website.

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Hear Craig Morgan’s Powerful New Single, ‘When I’m Gone’