Hear Colt Ford's Surprising New Sound on '4 Lane Gone'

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You've never heard Colt Ford like this before.

Ford may have made his mark as a country rap pioneer, but his new single shows a singing side we've never seen. The surprising track, "4 Lane Gone," was just released through Ford's own label, Average Joes Entertainment.

Right away, fans familiar with Ford's work may be thrown off by the slide guitar and hooky melody. The song details the common country theme of trying to get over love lost. And if you're thinking, "Surely he'll rap somewhere in this song," you'll be surprised there, too.

Colt Fold's singing voice suits the tune quite well. In a press release, he admits that he had his doubts about singing, too. "I knew the moment I heard "4 Lane Gone" it was a hit, but I didn't know if I could deliver the song the way it needed to be," Ford says.

His friends Houston Phillips, Josh Thompson and Kyle Fishman wrote the tune, so he dug down to find a new sound to suit it. "I pushed myself further than I ever have, and I am so proud of this song," Ford says. "I know I am far from the best singer, but I have found my voice, and I have never been more excited!"

The humility is great to see from an artist whose music generally oozes with bravado and machismo. It's actually a vulnerability that suits the new sound quite well. Colt Ford is known for writing hits like Jason Aldean's "Dirt Road Anthem."

"4 Lane Gone" is the first song off Ford's 2017 album, Love Hope Faith.

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Hear Colt Ford's Surprising New Sound on '4 Lane Gone'