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Hear Cody Jinks' Introspective New Song 'Head Case'

To go along with the release of his new album, Lifers (released on July 27), Cody Jinks shared his gorgeous new song, "Head Case." The song explores the inner workings of those who take on artistic endeavors and the psychological impact of living as a creative person with a dream.

Jinks reflects on his own heroes, giving a nod to Jackson Browne's 1972 classic "Doctor My Eyes" and injects brutally honest lines like, "There's a thin line, don't you see, between genius and insanity, which am I?"

The songs is an unflinching look at creativity and mental health and further solidifies Jinks as one of the best songwriters and performers of his generation.

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Lifers, one of the year's most highly anticipated releases, marks Jinks' first album since signing with Rounder Records. It's the follow-up to 2016's critically acclaimed I'm Not the Devil. "Head Case" follows previously released tracks "Must Be the Whiskey,"  "Lifers" and "Somewhere Between I Love You and I'm Leavin'."

In August, Jinks will headline his self-curated Loud and Heavy Fest, featuring Colter Wall, Nikki Lane and Paul Cauthen, who co-wrote Jinks' "Big Last Name."

'Head Case' Lyrics:

I know it's hard to find the words so often standin' face-to-face
Sometimes it takes a thin white sheet to put things into place
Things that I could never say come floodin' out somehow upon these lies

I'm still fightin' the same battles I've been fightin' all these years
Dream is not a dream unless you're livin' with a fear
What they say will be forgotten, all that's done will be for naught and why?

And it's been a long time, Lord, since I sat down and had a cry
It's sometimes overwhelmin' and I can't tell you why
But I remember Jackson singin' "Doctor, doctor, please, my eyes"

My heroes, they're all dyin' or they're sittin' in a cell
Due to years of medicatin', minds that hurt so well
There's a thin line, don't you see, between genius and insanity, which am I?

One thing that scares the hell in me is livin' with mortality
And worryin' that I'm insane talkin' to a God unseen
Must surely make me crazy, so crazy's what I'll be 'til I'm gone
'Til I'm gone

And I'll scream out to the sun and to the moon and to the stars
I'll scream until my voice finds you, no matter where you are
I'll scream until I've got no breath and all that's left to take is death
And I'm done
And I'm done

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