Hear Chris Young Sing ‘Think of You’ Featuring Cassadee Pope

In case you hadn’t heard, Chris Young and Cassadee Pope recorded an excellent duet on the new record, I’m Coming Over, which peaked at number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums back on Dec. 5.

Interestingly, the second single “Think Of You” allows audiences a closer look  The Voice alumni Cassadee Pope, formerly of pop punk outfit Hey Monday.

Pope was asked to join in on this song when her talent struck Young during a performance at an acoustic radio event. A choice that, if you listen, proves to be a mighty fine choice.

When asked about the duet by Rolling Stone, Young told readers “…it’s an interesting perspective on how when you’re in a relationship with somebody for so long, all of your friends start to think of you as a pair. So when that’s over, it can be really strange, not only for you, but also for the people you’re around.”

The pair share equal harmonies throughout the song giving Pope the opportunity to showcase her extensive vocal range. Young in particular stretches past his comfort zone on the high notes and delivers in multiple parts of the song on this lovestruck verse:

“They keep asking how I am/But they’re really asking where you’ve been/I can read between all of the lines/It ain’t just us missing all of the times”

If there’s ore way to describe this song, is that it’s full of raw emotion. And it emanates from both Pope’s and Young’s voices throughout, with loneliness that comes alive in each solo and heartbreak evident with every chorus.

The songs ending is powerful and abrupt. As if it’s the first story in a series — a heart-wrenching love story that ought to keep climbing the charts and leave fans wanting more — maybe even a full album by the duet.

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Hear Chris Young Sing ‘Think of You’ Featuring Cassadee Pope