Hear Chris Stapleton's Rowdy New Song 'Hard Living'

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A busy touring schedule hasn't stopped Chris Stapleton from writing some new tunes. During his most recent shows, he's been giving fans a sample of his latest work by performing "Hard Living," a honky tonk-ready track that will have you raising your glass.

"Hard Living" features all the elements of a great country music song. A swinging, guitar driven rhythm, a great storyline and Stapleton's always mind-blowing vocals come together to form the stellar new track. Stapleton's equally talented wife Morgane also joins in on vocals, adding yet another layer of greatness to the mix.

Since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album Traveller, Stapleton has been keeping busy by playing a seemingly endless stream of shows across the country. It's too soon to say if this new track will be featured on a follow-up record, but keep your fingers cross that this could be a sign of more great music to come.

Until then, you can check out Stapleton on the road through the end of the year. He currently has dozens of headlining shows booked, along with opening slots for Hank Williams Jr. and Luke Bryan set for the fall. You can find a full list of tour dates at Stapleton's official website.

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Hear Chris Stapleton's Rowdy New Song 'Hard Living'