Hear Blackberry Smoke’s Lively New Single, ‘Let it Burn’

Southern country rockers Blackberry Smoke are back with a brand new single that will make you want to hit the road. “Let it Burn” is a honky-tonkin’ cut that follows a man who is ready to start over and leave it all behind.

“It’s about a guy who has just had it with his hometown,” Blackberry Smoke lead singer Charlie Starr tells Entertainment Weekly. “He says, ‘To hell with it! I’m out of here! Maybe he’s the one bringing this on himself. Regardless, he’s leaving and he doesn’t care if the town burns to the ground.”

“I know that guy,” Starr continues. “In fact, I might have been that guy. A lot of people that I know, myself included, have blamed our problems on a place or a person or a certain situation. Sometimes you just can’t see that it’s your fault.”

“Let it Burn” is featured on the band’s upcoming fifth studio album, Like an Arrow, due out on Oct. 14. The band is currently out on a headlining tour that spans through the end of the year. You can check out all of their upcoming concert dates at the group’s official website.

Stay tuned to Wide Open Country next week for exclusive coverage on Blackberry Smoke’s upcoming album and plans for 2017.

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Hear Blackberry Smoke’s Lively New Single, ‘Let it Burn’