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Hear Aubrie Sellers' Fiery New Single 'Liar Liar'

Aubrie Sellers calls it like it is, and that's unfortunate for the subject of her new single "Liar Liar." Though Sellers doesn't paint herself the fire starter, she's sure good at weaving tales of men worthy of ire.

The song focuses on a man who just can't stay truthful. And as the narrator, Sellers calls him out on his every misstep. She turns a common childhood chant into something of a brooding chorus. "Liar, liar, womanizer, bargain bin romanticizer" she sings. "Spin your web just like a spider does. Pants on fire; flames get higher. Liar, liar."

And while Sellers delivers the song with her syrupy coolness, a certain angst underlines the whole performance. Musically, the band morphs from a plodding, steady trance to a distorted burner.

If you hear some strong female influences on the track, that's because Sellers wrote it with some heavy hitters. Both Brandy Clark and Jesse Jo Dillon co-wrote the track with Sellers, which makes even more sense once you listen to it again.

Sellers released debut record New City Blues more than a year ago, in January 2016. It's the third single from the project, following "Light Of Day" and "Sit Here And Cry." The album sold modest numbers but gained lots of recognition from critics.

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Sellers owns a pretty serious pedigree in country music. Her dad is songwriter Jason Sellers and her mom is Lee Ann Womack. Oh, and her stepdad is producer/publisher Frank Liddell. So when you hear an Aubrie Sellers song, you're hearing a culmination of all her influences from her upbringing.

The rising talent originally called her song "garage country," which certainly fits. There's a little bit of something for both the diehard country enthusiasts and the modern bootstrap rockers inhabiting Nashville's nooks and crannies.

You can catch Sellers on the road opening for Miranda Lambert on the Highway Vagabond Tour.

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