Asleep at the Wheel New Routes
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Hear Asleep at the Wheel's Carefree New Song 'Jack, I'm Mellow'

For the first time in over a decade, Asleep at the Wheel will be releasing a new album of original material. The Western Swing pioneers will release New Routes via Thirty Tigers on Sept. 14. "Jack, I'm Mellow" is the lead single for the album by the Austin, Texas-based outfit.

Ever the finest musicians, "Jack, I'm Mellow" bounces along with a comfortable groove. Fiddle player and vocalist Katie Shore takes the reigns on the buzzing jazzy Western Swing tune. Connor Forsyth's piano helps set the pace with a charming delight. "I'm so high and so dry/ I'm sailing in the sky/ I got my roach around and I can't come down /Jack, I'm mellow," sings Shore on the marijuana endorsing number. That laidback feel is even enhanced by timely exhales.

"Jack, I'm Mellow," originally was released by blues singer Trixie Smith in the 1930s. Here, the Ray Benson-led Asleep at the Wheel gives it a crisp, clean and clear makeover while remaining true to the ballad's wry humor and groove.

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Asleep at the Wheel—Benson, Shore, Forsyth, Eddie Rivers, David Sanger, Dennis Ludiker, Josh Hoag and Jay Reynolds—have always embraced collaborations outside the band, perhaps most notably with fellow Texan Willie Nelson. New Routes is no different as they enlist guest vocals from Seth and Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers.

Though Asleep at the Wheel has seen more than 100 musicians over the years play in the band, they've remained incredibly constant over the course of their 48-year history. Much of that can be attributed to frontman leading Benson. With more than 25 albums released over the years, New Routes finds the band following familiar routines and stylings.

Asleep at the Wheel currently have more than 50 dates that take them through the end of November. You can find a complete list on their official website here.

"Jack, I'm Mellow" Lyrics

I'm so high and so dry
I'm sailing in the sky
Just blow some gage
I'm on a rampage
Jack, I'm mellow

I'm so high and so dry
I'm way up in the sky
The world seems light
and I'm so right
Jack, I'm mellow

I'm going to put my nickel in a slot machine
Pay my solid sender
I'm going to strut, peck and Suzie-Q
Cause I'm on a bender

I'm so high and so dry
I'm sailing in the sky
And I got my roach around
I can't come down
Jack, I'm mellow

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