Hear Alan Jackson’s Previously Unreleased Track, ‘Love Is Hard’

Alan Jackson has shared a previously unreleased track from his upcoming three-CD set Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story.

“Love is Hard” was actually recorded in 2008 for his Good Time LP, but didn’t make it to the final track listing. Musically, it fits perfectly within that era of Jackson’s career. The relaxed feel of the song, supported by sliding electric guitar and space percussion, accompanies Jackson’s classic speak-singing style.

Any longtime Jackson fans will eat this track up because it has all of the classic elements found in his previous hits. Although it’s strong, it doesn’t quite have the catchiness and spark that’s needed to make it truly memorable, which is likely why it missed the cut the first time around.

Still, for those Jackson die-hards who can’t wait to dive into his unheard back catalog, this one will likely be a standout among the hours of rare gems showcased in this three-disc set.

Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story will feature 59 tracks from throughout Jackson’s career, including previously unreleased tracks, cover songs and rare live performances. The set will be available exclusively through Walmart beginning Friday, Nov. 6.

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Hear Alan Jackson’s Previously Unreleased Track, ‘Love Is Hard’