Hear Alabama’s New Collaboration with Alison Krauss, 'Come Find Me'

Alabama's Southern Drawl will be the group's first album of new music since 2001. In anticipation of its Sept. 18 release, they've shared a new track that features bluegrass singer-songwriter Alison Krauss.

"Come Find Me" is a sweeping ballad that's all about the longing that comes with being apart from the one you love. According to the Boot, band member Teddy Gentry's wife recently told him that she had been "losing faith in country music," but felt a new sense of love for the genre when he played her  their new track.

"She said, 'When somebody comes along and writes a song like that, it brings me back in again.' That's about as strong, for me, as it can get as far as a compliment about a song," Owen said. "Then the next morning she made my coffee and we always write little notes to one another. She wrote some little things I can't say and then she wrote, 'Come find me.' So I was like, 'OK, she loves it!' The greatest critic in the world can also give you the most pleasure when she tells you she's crazy about a song. She's lived that one."

Click below to hear Alabama and Alison Krauss collaborate in "Come Find Me."

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Hear Alabama’s New Collaboration with Alison Krauss, 'Come Find Me'