Hear Aaron Watson's Electrifying New Single, 'Outta Style'

Aaron Watson's new single "Outta Style" is currently sitting in the Top 10 on iTunes, surrounded by the likes of Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett and Miranda Lambert. Once you hear the high-energy tune yourself, you'll understand why.

From the very first beat, fans will hear a different style than what they're used to from the native Texan. Watson is taking a risk with "Outta Style," a risk that will give his mainstream counterparts some serious competition.

"Outta Style" delivers both vocally and rhythmically. Though the song carries a modernized twist, Wastson doesn't lose sight of his classic country influences. The song tells the story of Watson's relationship with his wife. Think "Die A Happy Man" with extensive fiddle riffs in a more upbeat, yet equally romantic way.

"Outta Style" is a dynamic follow up to Watson's record The Underdog, which went skyrocketing to the top of the country charts last year. The LP became the first album by an independent artist to do so.

In Watson's latest Facebook post, he talks about how "Outta Style" was the final piece to his new music puzzle. By emulating Chris Ledoux and his fulfilling his need to rock out every now and then, Watson has given fans one hell of song.

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Hear Aaron Watson's Electrifying New Single, 'Outta Style'