Hear Aaron Watson’s Heartfelt Tribute to His Late Daughter, ‘Bluebonnets’

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Aaron Watson reflects on the loss of his late daughter and life’s precious moments in his touching new single, “Bluebonnets.”

Julia GraceAaron and Kimberly Watson’s fourth child, died just a few hours after she was born due to complications from a chromosomal abnormality called Trisomy 18. A few months later, the family gathered at Julia’s resting place to take a family photo. Aaron was moved and inspired by the bittersweet moment, which reminded him just how precious and fleeting life is.

“I had such an overwhelming mixture of emotions seeing Jake, Jack and Jolee Kate smiling in a field of bluebonnets (the state flower of Texas), while having the place we laid their little sister to rest in the distance behind them,” Aaron said in a statement.

Later that night, he grabbed his guitar and wrote out the lyrics to “Bluebonnets,” which he nicknamed “Julia’s Song.”

“There’s so much I can’t explain such as gravity and pain, still I remain blind folded and full of faith,” he sings sweetly. “I kiss my angel girl goodbye, still can’t help but wonder why
But I believe I’ll see her again someday.”

Click below to hear Aaron Watson’s touching new single, “Bluebonnets.”

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Hear Aaron Watson’s Heartfelt Tribute to His Late Daughter, ‘Bluebonnets’