Hayden Panettiere Returns To 'Nashville'

Hayden Panettiere has officially made her big return to the set of Nashville.

Charles Esten took to social media on Jan. 26 to reveal that his Nashville co-star had officially returned to the Tennessee set of the ABC show with a sweet Instagram photo of the twosome being reunited on set.

"The first face I saw as I walked out of my first NASHVILLE audition belonged to this beautiful girl. And she was clapping," the Nashville actor wrote alongside the brand new on-set photo of the co-stars, who appeared to be in the drama series' wardrobe room. "Still can't get over that. Such a sweetheart and a friend. So great to see her yesterday!" Esten wrote.

Last year, Panettiere opted to take a leave of absence from the popular show in October while she received treatment for postpartum depression following the December 2014 birth of her daughter, Kayla. According to a recent report by TVLine, the actress is currently filming scenes for the music city drama that are expected to air in 14th episode of the fourth season, which is currently expected to air sometime in April. Nashville is set to return to ABC for the second half of season 4 on March 16.

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Hayden Panettiere Returns To 'Nashville'