Julie Pike

Song Premiere: Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra Holds On to Hope on 'It Breaks'


Norwegian band Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra finds hope after heartbreak on the stunning "It Breaks."

"'It Breaks' is a song about those fragile moments between love and heartbreak. It's about holding on to the good things even when everything seems to be falling apart," the band tells Wide Open Country. "In a way, it's a hopeful song - hopeful that in the end love might overcome bitterness and old wounds."



The Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra blends together Anglo-Saxon folk, American (Appalachian) old time music and Norwegian Folklore. The band is made up of Rebekka Nilsson (Vocals), Joakim Borgen  (mandolin), Ole Engrav (guitar), Magnus Eriksrud (banjo) Moa Meinich (fiddle), Jonas Olsen (upright bass), Emil Brattested (dobro) and Sjur Marqvardsen (accordion).

For more information on Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra, follow the band on social media.

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