The Haunted Hill House of Mineral Wells is Looking for a New Owner

If your favorite pastime is rubbing elbows with spooky spirits, the perfect home is waiting for you in Texas. The Haunted Hill House of Mineral Wells is now seeking a new owner.

The 1890 home has 2,840 square feet, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The owners are asking just $99,000 for it. But whoever buys this bargain will share it with nine ghosts who haunt the halls of the home.

The home sits on a hill near the historic Baker Hotel. In the early days, The Haunted Hill House served as a brothel for guests staying at the Baker. Today, their histories still coincide with one another.

While it was a brothel, several people died on the premises. Today, people come from all over to witness the paranormal activities found inside these walls. Multiple "paranormal investigators" have also spent time in the home and have reported strange encounters.

Naturally, The Haunted Hill House is a popular tourist spot in Mineral Wells, so whoever does buy the home will be able to make some money off of it. Right now, you can stay overnight in the house for $200 on a Friday and $250 on a Saturday. You can bring seven people with you for a total of eight, but small children are not allowed, due to the spooky nature of the house.

According to the website, "Many people become nauseous, some get a headache and ill upon entering the grounds. Some are visited by a malevolent spirit the next day after visiting the home." The owners do say they originally planned to renovate the home, but the spirits kept contractors from making any changes.

It's hard to imagine that anyone would be willing to take on the responsibility of owning this haunted home. But, with such a significant revenue stream, there might be a few takers on the deal.


You can find out more about this unique property here.

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