Hank Williams Jr. Rejects ‘Weird Pop-Country’ with New Album


Hank Williams Jr. has never been fond of following trends. In a new interview, the 66-year-old refused to apologize for criticizing mainstream country music.

In a nod to the greats before him and lamenting a “weird pop-country sound,” Williams told Rolling Stone Country“I didn’t know any other way to put it.” His latest studio album, It’s About Time, veers more toward the classic southern rock anthology that has become a trademark of his sound over much of the last few decades.

Instead of singing about tailgates and tan lines though, Williams says he sourced memories and stories from his late mother, Audrey, for the album’s title track.

“I’m talking about looking at my mother’s drawings of stickmen in Alabama sand banks. You don’t make that stuff up. That’s in that song, [as is] going down the Hank Williams Lost Highway. But certainly the song is not about nostalgia at all,” he continued. “I’ve been carrying it around in my briefcase. [Songs] have to be birthed, you know?”

Although the album stays true to Williams’ classic, well-crafted sound, the country legend promises It’s About Time might very well be the best release of his career.

“I’ve got a bunch of platinum on the wall, but this is the best one I’ve ever put together,” Williams explains. “This is a real special one, folks, believe me.”

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Hank Williams Jr. Rejects ‘Weird Pop-Country’ with New Album