Hank Williams' Grandson Slams 'I Saw The Light' Biopic

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Hank Williams III is speaking out about his disappointment over the new biopic based around the life of legendary grandfather, I Saw The Light.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Williams III revealed that he wished more care and expertise went into the creation of the film.

"I just one to see one [biopic] done halfway right. It's because I care," he explained. "It's the whole approach to this movie. I hate to say it but these things don't come up that often and when they do, I wish they would be taken more serious."

One of his main issues with the film and its promotion is the focus on lead actor Tom Hiddleston's renditions of Hank Williams' classic hits. When the British actor sang a medley of Williams tracks during a private concert in Nashville, Williams III responded by posting a video of his grandfather performing "Move It On Over," with the caption, "here is how you do it Tom, you got no moan or soul in your voice."

Here's a clip of Hiddleston performing in the film.


Nearly a year later, it looks as though Hiddleston's attempts to pay tribute to the country star have still left Williams III unimpressed.

"I don't know what is going on with [Hiddleston] impersonating Hank Williams and making all of these live appearances and it seems they are trying to launch someone's music career not making a movie," he said. "It's really hard to enjoy the movie when they're pushing more music on you than acting."

So how would he have improved the film? He says he would have asked for "a better director," implying that that Marc Abraham was too inexperienced for the project.

"He's more of a producer and that in it of itself is an issue," Williams said. "Most people that halfway make some biopic that I can relate to have five to twelve movies under them."

Currently, I Saw The Light has generated mostly mixed and negative reviews from critics, who claim that the strong casting was not enough to save a generally muddled and unfocused script. Williams III says he has no personal issues with Hiddleston or Abraham, but simply wishes that someone will finally make a film that rightfully honors the story and sound of his late grandfather.

"I'm just saying to find the best person that fits and has the best feel and can represent the role the best," he explained. "I'm trying to get the best movie to be made about him as possible."

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Hank Williams' Grandson Slams 'I Saw The Light' Biopic