Watch the Original, Unreleased Video for Margo Price's 'Hands of Time'

Two years after the release of her hit record Midwest Farmer's Daughter, Margo Price dropped the news on Twitter that she was debuting a previously unreleased music video for "Hands of Time."

The video, directed by Joshua Shoemaker, intersperses actual footage of Price's family, childhood and her wedding. The extra personal touch to an already incredibly personal song gives the music video a suprising depth that really lets viewers into her life. With its simplicity, it's a brave and beautiful mini-film that reflects Price's drive and creativity.

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The original video for "Hands of Time," directed by Ben Chappell, was released in November 2016 and features quicker cuts from scene to scene. It's still personal and a lovely companion to the song, but it doesn't have the same intimate feeling as the alternate version of the video.

"Hands of Time" was the second single from Price's debut solo album Midwest Farmer's Daughter, following "Hurtin' (On the Bottle)." Price released her second record, All American Made, in October 2017. Last year, she released a much more fictionalized video for "Weakness," which showed Price setting a fire and running away from the cops.

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Watch the Original, Unreleased Video for Margo Price's 'Hands of Time'