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10 Unique Hand Pie Recipes That Are Portable and Damn Tasty

Pie is a flaky, golden brown concoction that we all know and love. But... you know what might be better than a whole pie? A HAND PIE. Pies that you can walk around eating! No forks, no plates needed! Plus, it's a superior pie crust-to-pie filling ratio than regular pie... but that's just our opinion. These hand pies, however, are truly unique, and they're from all around the world. Are you ready to eat?

What is a Hand Pie?

These single-serve pastries are found in almost every cuisine. Englanders munch on pasties, people of South America enjoy empanadas, Jamaicans eat Jamaican patties for lunch, Samosas are found in Pakistan and India, Spanakopita is enjoyed across the Greek isles, and Aussies and New Zealanders chomp on meat pies filled with gravy.

At its core, a hand pie is a portable meal consisting of a filling wrapped in pastry and served.

10 Unique Hand Pie Recipes You've Probably Never Heard Of

Are you ready to drool over these unique pastries known as hand pies? I know that I am... so get out your baking sheets, pastry brushes, unsalted butter, and all-purpose flour, and get ready to look at some of the most unique hand pie recipes we've found!

1. Amish Apple Fry Pies

What if you could have a pie and a donut at the same time? With these apple hand pies, you definitely can. You stuff brown sugar-apple pie filling into pie crust, crimp the dough, deep fry them, and add a powdered sugar glaze on top. These are super popular at Amish bakeries, and we probably don't have to tell you why! They would taste really yummy with ice cream, too, if you want even more sugar with your meal. And you could use cherries instead of apples for cherry hand pies if you so desire.

Get the recipe here at NeighborFood Blog.

2. Cornish Pasties

Great Britain might be known for fish 'n' chips or bangers 'n' mash, but the Cornish pasty is a hand pie that shines all on its own. These little turnovers are stuffed with diced steak, rutabaga, potatoes, and onions. You start by putting the pie dough in plastic wrap and moving it to the refrigerator to rest for a bit. Prepare the pasties, brush them up with egg wash, and place on a baking sheet for a cook time of 50 minutes. Serve hot, and eat!

Get the recipe here at Kitchen Sanctuary.

3. Spanakopita

Made with store-bought phyllo dough, this famous Greek hand pie is stuffed with feta and spinach and a large egg — meaning it's full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, and calcium, too. The spanakopitas come together really quickly, making it perfect for a weeknight meal when you don't have time to fool with homemade pie crust. It's crispy and flaky, and with a baking time of only 18 minutes, you'll be glad you made it!

Get the recipe here at Dinner at the Zoo.

4. Jamaican Patties

If you've never had a Jamaican patty before, I'm genuinely sorry for you. Because they're some of the most flavorful hand pies that could possibly exist. The ground beef filling may seem intimidating, but the total time to make these from beginning to end is only 50 minutes. The spicy, flavorful mix and the turmeric-colored flaky crust — made on parchment paper to prevent them from sticking to the prepared baking sheet — will hit just the right spot. Don't think about the saturated fat content! In fact, add cheese if you want!

Get the recipe here at My Morning Mocha.

5. Xian Bing

Do you love Chinese steamed buns, but think making them at home seems scary? Then xian bing — a kind of Chinese hand pie — is for you. Roll out the dough on a floured work surface, then stuff them with a beef filling and cook them over medium heat on the stovetop. They're basically like filled pancakes! If you don't eat them all, they can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge and reheated and eaten later. They're juicy and flavorful.

Get the recipe here at Cooking in Chinglish.

6. Cheesecake on Sticks

Cheesecake is a pie, not a cake. And putting something on a stick makes it a handheld item. So we're counting this as a hand pie because we make the rules! It has a lot of prep time, but it's worth it. Just make a typical cheesecake recipe (a full recipe is listed at the link below) let it cool to room temperature, then cut into 12-16 pieces. Place a stick into each piece and freeze them all for at least four hours. Then dip them in white, milk, or dark chocolate and decorate however you choose! These are to die for.

Get the recipe here at Coucou Cake.

7. Sooji Gujjiya

These sweet Indian hand pies are a specialty during the Holi festival, and they are surprisingly easy to make! The pie filling is sugar, coconut, nuts, spices, and a special nutty flour called semolina. They're also pan-fried in GHEE which makes them exceptionally flavorful. You shape the crust by hand, and the sooji gujjiya come out flaky and tender. These sweet treats are perfect for a special meal!

Get the recipe here at J Cooking Odyssey.

8. Chicken Empanadas

Empanadas have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and there's a good reason for that. These hand pies are wildly popular all over Central and South America! But they're pretty easy to make at home, too. You can buy Goya empanada disks at the international store, or make your own homemade pie dough. The flavorful chicken filling is just as good as the empanada crust. When they're done, you can dip these in a small bowl of sour cream or salsa!

Get the recipe here at Sunday Supper Movement.

9. Russian Piroshki

There's a word for Russian hand pies — they're called "piroshki." Shaped like discs rather in the crimped turnover style, they're dense and flavorful. This recipe calls for rice and beef but you can really fill them with anything you want! The crust is made with yeast, so it's soft and pillowy, almost like a dumpling.

Get the recipe here at Sweet & Savory by Shinee.

10. Apfeltaschen

Yes, it's another apple pie recipe! But listen... this one is different. And delicious. And easy. Made with puff pastry, these German-inspired pastries come together very easily and only have a handful of ingredients. You add lemon juice to the apple filling for a little tartness and to stop the filling from oxidizing while you put together the pastries. The end result is an extremely flaky hand pie recipe. Dust some powdered sugar on top, too!

Get the recipe here at Red Currant Bakery.

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