Hallmark Christmas movie
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Hallmark Just Announced Their 2017 Holiday Movie Lineup


The holidays are just around the corner, and y'all know what that means. It's almost time for Hallmark Holiday Movies!

Hallmark Channel recently released their 2017 Christmas movie lineup and it's everything you could ever wish for. Hallmark Channel films are always innocent and family-friendly, with a healthy helping of romance, and this year promises to be just as wholesome as always.

The first film will be broadcast on Oct. 28 at 8 p.m. ET, and each new movie will debut on the following Saturdays and Sundays through Dec. 30.

Here's a rundown of the schedule.


Marry Me at Christmas (Oct. 28)

A wedding planner is excited to design a Christmas wedding, but she didn't expect to fall in love with the groom's movie star brother.

Christmas Festival of Ice (Nov. 4)

Emma is a lawyer working to save her hometown's ice sculpting festival. One of the local artists is reluctant to help, until he gets to know her.

Miss Christmas (Nov. 5)

The aptly named Holly thinks she has found the perfect Christmas tree for the National Tree in Washington, D.C., but the handsome land owner isn't about to let her simply chop it down. Will they find a compromise?

The Sweetest Christmas (Nov. 11)

A baking competition and a broken oven was all that was necessary to rekindle the romance between baker Kylie and her old flame, Nick.


Enchanted Christmas (Nov. 12)

Laura is surprised to run into her former love in New Mexico where she's been hired to redecorate a hotel. The two reminisce about their salsa-dancing past.

Coming Home for Christmas (Nov. 18)

Allie lands a prestigious position as the house manager for the Ashford estate, and suddenly finds herself being romanced by not one, but two of the wealthy Marley brothers.

A Gift to Remember (Nov. 19)

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, A Gift to Remember follows Darcy as she tries to help a stranger recover his memory after an accident.

With Love, Christmas (Wednesday, Nov. 22)

When two co-workers bump heads while working on a project, they learn more about one another and end up falling for each other.


The Mistletoe Inn (Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23)

A romance writer decides to attend a conference at a remote Vermont inn after being dumped by her boyfriend. To her chagrin who is there but her ex, and maybe her future boyfriend as well?

Finding Santa (Friday, Nov. 24)

A desperate parade planner and an Uber driver turned reluctant Santa set off on a long road trip that ends in romance and Christmas magic.

The Christmas Train (Nov. 25)

Based on the No.1 best-selling novel by David Baldacci, The Christmas Train features Tom, a cynical journalist who sets off on a long distance train ride and rediscovers the magic of the holiday season.

Switched for Christmas (Nov. 26)

Candace Cameron Bure plays estranged twin sisters who gain perspective and understanding for one another by switching lives for the holidays.


Christmas in Evergreen (Dec. 2)

The snow globe in the local cafe in the small town of Evergreen, Vermont is really magic. When the town vet makes a wish for romance, it ends up coming from a very unexpected source.

Christmas at Holly Lodge (Dec. 3)

Sophie Bennett has an unforgettable holiday at the Evergreen Inn and Ski Lodge, a hotel she inherited from her parents.

Christmas Encore (Dec. 9)

When an out-of-work actress is cast in a modern recreation of A Christmas Carol things start looking up for her, but when the theatre loses its lease and puts the show in jeopardy, it will take a miracle to fix.

The Christmas Shop (Dec. 10)

Big city real estate agent Anna is eager to prove herself by convincing a lone holdout - a Christmas shop - to move out of the building her company wants to demo. When the handsome shop owner convinces her to work in his store for a week, it could her entire world change. But will it be for the better?


Father Christmas (Dec. 16)

Techy divorcee Eric is left with his three kids for Christmas. Through foibles and errors, Eric learns to love his children for who they are, and how to love himself as well.

Christmas Connection (Dec. 17)

8-year-old Henry just knows that flight attendant Megan would be perfect for his dad, so as soon as the plane lands, he sets about trying to match-make the couple.

Christmas Getaway (Dec. 23)

When newly single travel-writer Emory is mistakenly booked into the same villa as a widowed dad, she never expected the mix up would lead to romance.

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree (Christmas Day, Dec. 25)

In this special Christmas feature of the popular Hallmark Channel series, Jack surprises Elizabeth by coming home on leave. He hasn't come alone, however. The entire town of Hope Valley comes together to help Jack's friend through the aid of the enchanted wishing tree.


A Royal New Year's Eve (Dec. 30)

A professional photographer confesses to a coworker that she has never had a New Year's Eve kiss, so he sets about to find her someone to smooch. In the end, they both find the right person and a new romance for a new year.

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