Hallmark Christmas Movie Coats

What’s the Most-Worn Coat Color in Hallmark Christmas Movies? An Investigation

Roy G. Biv just turned over in his grave.

Any worthwhile festive season begins and ends with a good Hallmark Christmas movie — be it romantic, comedic or otherwise. It's easy to lose yourself in all that holiday cheer when you're staring at bucketloads of fake snow and no less than ten woman-owned bakeries. But this Countdown to Christmas, we're not getting swept up in the magic of it all just yet. First, we're asking the hard-hitting questions about our favorite feel-good holiday programming, like this biggun: What's the most-worn coat color in Hallmark Christmas movies?

Don't act like you haven't wondered the same thing. In the years since the network debuted its annual Countdown to Christmas marathon in 2009, Hallmark movie coats have grown more sophisticated, more character-based and way, way more colorful. For every Lacey Chabert sticking to her usual reds and mauves, there's a Sarah Ramos boldly going where no Hallmark leading lady has gone before and sporting an electric blue wool trench in 2023's "Christmas in Notting Hill."

From our survey of the past decade or so of Countdown to Christmas, we found some Hallmark movie coat trends. Former Queen of Christmas Candace Cameron Bure opted for whites and beiges, then Alicia Witt came along and every Hallmark costume designer paired her red locks with wildly contrasting green frocks. Today, red and beige hues remain the most common coat colors. But you need only look to Taylor Cole's Gumby green pea coat in 2022's "Long Lost Christmas" to know that things have gotten a little more weird at Hallmark since about 2015. And we're so here for it.

Below, we spotlight some of our favorite Hallmark movie coats from recent memory and provide affordable, top-rated Amazon dupes for each enviable trench, moto jacket and coatdress. You'll find plenty of reliable jewel tones among the following crop, as well as more playful colorways. Whether you're shopping for your mother-in-law, scouring the internet for the perfect frock to wear to that office party or just looking for holiday fashion inspo, consider this list your cheat sheet to a well-dressed winter...courtesy of a bunch of fictional women named Holly, Joy, Noelle and, well, you get the gist.

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